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ML Coaching

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Seek the EXTRA in the ORDINARY

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ML Coaching

What Can ML Coaching Offer You?

Seek the EXTRA in the ORDINARY


Life coaching

Are you in doubt? Are you lost? Do you find yourself stuck in habits you wish you could break? Do you feel the burden of procrastination, yet continue to postpone things?Coaching helps you to see a situation from a different perspective, to look beneath the surface. To make better use of your talents and to be more aware of your strengths. This broadening of perception allows you to gain new insights and make more conscious choices.


Career Guidance

Are you happy in your current job, or are you looking for a new turn? What do you really love to do? What do you secretly dream of? Contact us for more information.


Team coaching

We search for patterns and behaviours that can prevent your group from achieving results as a team. We help teams to build their own more efficient collaboration, in which each person finds his/her place and takes responsibility for his/her role within the group.



Our consulting programmes offer support during change management processes and reorganisations, and help you get the best out of your team and employees.


Effictive communication & co-operation

Any change to better performance begins with better self-understanding; Insights Discovery is a simple and accessible colour model that helps people, teams and organizations to function optimally.

Our workshops are always tailored to the needs of your team or organization and to the current situation (reorganizations, change management, motivation, inspiration, fear of change….)


Sales Training

Of course you set clear commercial targets for your company. LISS enables you to effectively reach these targets by providing professional and inspiring Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Strategic Advice.

LISS's approach focuses on both enhancing your sales processes and optimizing the talents of your professionals, thus quickly generating increased sales revenues and enabling you to build invaluable long term customer relationships.

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Our coaching process usually consists of eight sessions.

You may find three or four sessions sufficient. You may also choose to schedule additional coaching sessions periodically.

Sessions take place at my practice in Tervuren, Moorselstraat 221. Sometimes we opt for “trail sessions” in the Sonian forest.

In some cases, sessions may take place at your home or via Skype.

Who is Marie-Laure

authentic, witty, energetic, intuitive, motivating

Inspired by genuine interest in people, I like to work with them at various levels: as coach, trainer, mentor and consultant. In a spontaneous and unbiased way, we seek together for the deeper motives, talents and passions to make the right choices for you. The more aware we are of what really drives us, the easier even the most difficult challenges become.

Are you looking for direction, balance, a clear head, more energy, more confidence to make the right choices? Starting with your connection with yourself, we will search for new insights and find what you need to consciously take the next step.

I coach from my heart and values. Depending on your situation and coaching needs, we will investigate what suits you best, and use different techniques and methods from my education as a life coach.

Together we dive into the essentials:
Who are you? What are your values? What is hindering you? What are you really looking for?

Grab your phone or email me for an appointment—follow your heart and intuition!


Seek the EXTRA in the ORDINARY


Please feel free to contact us for a commitment-free introductory interview.

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